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Welcome to Varysian 360. As a founding member of Varysian 360, you will benefit from a whole world of activities in the developing economies market-space, stretching around the globe and providing actionable opportunities throughout the coming year.


Our expertise and unique position in the hydromet market creates business opportunities in developing nations, supporting the hard work of your business development, marketing and sales teams. We provide contacts where you need them, connections where there are none, and valuable exposure to a motivated and engaged audience of senior public sector buyers.


All membership levels include access to the Varysian Hydromet Network, access to our regional in-person Symposiums and online conferences, and a chance to shape the debate through leading publications and educational programs.


We’ll use proven digital, in-person and print channels to help you find partners and customers, at a very attractive, all-in cost.

Extreme weather disproportionately affects the most under-resourced communities. Action is needed to mitigate risks, to improve observations and forecasting and to provide sustainable hydromet solutions for future generations.

Sustainable Hydromet Solutions magazine brings the knowledge of international experts together with local expertise in hydromet solutions. It provides developing nations with information and advice for capacity-building, network management, stakeholder engagement and sustainable funding.

Published twice each year, the journal will demonstrate best-practice methodology with region-relevant case studies and sustainable technical solutions, maintaining a dedicated focus on the needs of hydromet services in emerging nations and developing economies.

Private sector opportunities. Suitable private sector companies are invited to submit their proposal for editorial. Benefits include:

  • An opportunity to shape the debate around capacity-building and climate resilience in emerging nations

  • Position your company as a thought and technology leader

  • Build a stronger brand presence among senior hydromet officials, government ministers and other key stakeholders

  • Full-page or double-spread advertisement

  • Up to 3000 words of editorial, illustrated

  • Inclusion in product/service directory

Sustainable Hydromet Solutions will take the form of a dynamic, interactive digital journal, with a limited, exclusive printed version for key partners and the most senior buyers.

  • High quality reference journal

  • Over 200 pages, perfect bound

  • Over 10,000 recipients in selected regions

  • Over 60% independent editorial

  • 2000 printed copies will be distributed to named senior buyers in key regions.

Advertising rates​

Full-page advertisements

Invitation to submit a proposal for editorial - 3000 words

Inclusion in Product Directory

Half-page advertisements

Invitation to submit a proposal for editorial - 1500 words

Inclusion in Product Directory

Product directory advertisements

1/4 page advertisement

Inclusion in the product directory

Contact Simon for more details: +44 7905 450596

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