The biggest hydrometeorological exhibition in African history.

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19th-22nd February 2019
EMA Headquarters, Cairo, Egypt.



The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) hosted the three most important WMO events of the
African hydrometeorological calendar in February 2019.


WMO RA-I RECO (technical hydromet conference),
RA-I quadrennial meeting (50+ NHMS Director-Generals), and AMCOMET (African Ministerial Conference on
Meteorology - 40 Ministers).


Together, these events brought together all major decision-makers in the African hydrometeorological community.


Varysian was chosen to partner with EMA to host HydrometAFRICA, the biggest hydrometeorological exhibition in African history to run concurrently
with these three conferences.


There were 250+ African NHMS technical personnel, Director Generals, Deputies, Ministers and key donor personnel to meet with during the 4-day expo.


WMO RA-I RECO (18-19th Feb) Technical conference - specifiers & buyers

AMCOMET (20th-21st Feb)

40+ Ministers (overseeing NHMS)

WMO RA-I 17 (21st-23rd Feb)

All DGs of African NHMS, Deputies & key decision-makers, WMO and donor agency delegates

“Without the private sector we couldn’t run our business and many countries, especially developing countries, they have fairly sparse networks of observations and they have difficulties in maintaining various instruments. We have to find a way to enhance the amount of stations first and the second stage is to how to keep the instruments up and running, how to calibrate them and how to maintain them."

Petteri Taalas - WMO Secretary-General


What our attendees say

It is one place we come and meet not only the ministerial level, the policy makers and the decision makers, but also the technical directors who are actually more in the day-to-day decision making.

Ashish Raval


It is a great opportunity for us to present to decision-makers and the people shaping the meteorological landscape of Africa. HydrometAFRICA was different in a sense that in a normal trade show you are basically exposed to a bunch of random people. Here it was much more focused.

Jan Barani


This kind of event is very unique due to the fact that you have the whole of Africa coming here and it saves everybody a lot of time.  I think Varysian have found a way to get exhibitors and decision-makers together in a very good way.

Kai Vogel


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