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​Join weather, water and climate​ professionals for an exclusive three-day symposium.

9:00am - 12:00 EST / 2:00pm - 5:00pm UTC/GMT

7-9 December 2021

(Translated into Spanish and English)

What is HydrometAMERICAS?

The Varysian Hydromet Network’s, HydrometAMERICAS gathering, is a three-day virtual event, driven by the technical, policy and infrastructure concerns of weather, water and climate professionals from across the Caribbean and Latam regions.

Why attend?

Using cutting-edge content delivered via panel discussions, workshops, roundtables and one-to-ones, Varysian is able to create a highly engaging and collaborative meeting of minds.

What will we discuss?

Live-streamed and available afterward on-demand, our event will bring together online guests from across the Caribbean and Latin American hydromet communities. Varysian has structured the event for concentrated networking around three themed days: 


Day 1: Caribbean hydromet issues 

Day 2: Caribbean and Latam shared hydromet issues 

Day 3: Latam hydromet issues 

Who will attend?

The audience for this Symposium will be 500+ regionally located professionals, broken down between Caribbean and Latin American focused delegates from the following organisations:​

  • National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHS)

  • Government departments

  • Weather-sensitive private businesses

  • Key funders like the World Bank and Green Climate Fund

  • NGOs and IGOs

  • Research bodies, academics, universities


“My first virtual conference... The world has just become smaller and more accessible.”

James Logan, OneRain (AEM group)

"Thanks again for a revolutionary and dynamic symposium with riveting themes, presentations and atmosphere."

John Smith, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority, Turks & Caicos

"The system worked smoothly: video and audio quality were excellent.

Groundbreaking – well done!"


Andrew White, Comptus

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