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​Join weather, water and climate​ professionals for an exclusive two-day virtual symposium.

9:00am - 12:30pm UTC+6

18-19 January 2022

What is HydrometASIA?

The Varysian Hydromet Network’s inaugural event, HydrometASIA, is a two-day virtual symposium, driven by the technical, policy and infrastructure concerns of weather, water and climate professionals from across the Asia region.

Why attend?

The aim of the symposium is to highlight best PPE practices in the region, learn from real-life case studies and network with other stakeholders and practitioners working in Asia. 

What will we discuss?

Sessions will include best practices in PPE from the perspective of international organisations operating in the Asian hydromet space, alongside case studies from high-level equipment and service providers with practical examples of collaboration between the two types of stakeholder.

Who will attend?

The audience for this symposium will be regionally-located professionals from:

  • National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHS)

  • Government departments

  • Weather-sensitive private businesses

  • Key funders like the World Bank and Green Climate Fund

  • NGOs and IGOs

  • Research bodies, academics, universities


“My first virtual conference... The world has just become smaller and more accessible.”

James Logan, OneRain (AEM group)

"Thanks again for a revolutionary and dynamic symposium with riveting themes, presentations and atmosphere."

John Smith, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority, Turks & Caicos

"The system worked smoothly: video and audio quality were excellent.

Groundbreaking – well done!"


Andrew White, Comptus

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