​Join weather, water and climate​ professionals for an exclusive 3-day symposium.

10:00am - 15:30pm (EST) (UTC-5)

16th - 18th March 2021

What is HydrometLATAM?

HydrometLATAM is designed to provide a platform for constructive conversation and debate around building resilient hydromet infrastructure, improving data, developing partnerships, working with stakeholders and understanding the current key themes coming out of the WMO, including Public-Private Engagement (PPE).

Why attend?

HydrometLATAM brings together a diverse audience of public, particularly senior figures at Latin American NHMS, and private sector players to develop a common understanding of their priorities and partnership needs.

Through highly relevant content and debate, our audience can uncover funding opportunities, new partnership models and gain high-quality perspectives.

What will we discuss?

Switching from 2018’s in-person event to a safe and secure virtual meeting, March’s Summit will deal with a number of important weather, climate, hydrological and meteorological topics, broken down into four broad themes:


  1. Relevant WMO issues and their impact on American NMHSs

  2. American NMHSs main clients versus the real needs of their respective countries and their role related to Climate Change impact

  3. American NMHSs role related to DRR, required support, and return on investment

Who will attend?

Varysian’s virtual HydrometLATAM event is an invite-only gathering that will host participants from NHMS, government, IGOs, NGOs, development partners and experts from the private sector and academia. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and engage with a wide variety of highly relevant peers. 

  • Director Generals of NMHS & technical staff

  • Private sector stakeholders

  • Key personnel from NGOs and IGOs, including the WMO

  • Leaders from Academic Institutions and Research Centres 

  • Weather and Climate Product and Service Providers


“My first virtual conference... The world has just become smaller and more accessible.”

James Logan, OneRain (AEM group)

"Thanks again for a revolutionary and dynamic symposium with riveting themes, presentations and atmosphere."

John Smith, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority, Turks & Caicos

"The system worked smoothly: video and audio quality were excellent.

Groundbreaking – well done!"


Andrew White, Comptus

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