A Varysian event in association with

Pacific Meteorological Council


Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

6th-8th August 2019

Samoa Conference Centre

Apia, Samoa

The Government of Samoa through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) hosted the Fifth meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-5) in Apia from 5 to 9 August 2019.  The meeting brought together PMC's NHMS members, senior government officials from SPREP member countries and development partners, Council of the Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP), United Nations' agencies, collaborating organisations and institutions to discuss, promote and explore opportunities to strengthen weather, climate, water and ocean services in the context of sustainable development.


Fifth meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-5)

All PMC NHMS members

Senior government officials from:

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) member countries and development partners

  • Council of the Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP)

  • United Nations' agencies

  • Collaborating organisations and institutions

100+ delegates from all PMC NHMS members and senior SPREP officials

Collaborating organisations and institutions including NOAA, NIWA, UNDP and more

Exhibition and conference hosted together in the Samoa Conference Centre

Lunches with all delegates including NHMS directors and WMO personnel

What our attendees say

We've been able to meet with a lot of the people we were hoping to meet with and have valuable discussions.

Kevin Randall


 I think Varysian have found a way to get exhibitors and decision-makers together in a very good way.

Kai Vogel


I've met more people at these conferences than at previous conferences. It is a real success.

Brian Bellew


Intro | PMC-5

Globally, 90% of natural disasters are caused by weather and climate-related hazards. In the Pacific, the majority of hazards are weather and climate-related. According to a World Bank report, the PICTs rank among the most vulnerable in the world to natural disasters. Cyclones accounted for 76% of reported disasters from 1950 to 2004 followed by earthquakes, droughts and floods. There is strong evidence, both globally and in the Pacific, on an increase in the observed intensity of weather and climate-related hazards and the frequency of more intense events.

Weather climate, water and ocean (hydro-meteorological and ocean) services are essential components in national and regional sustainable development framework in the Pacific, particularly in poverty reduction efforts, climate change and disaster risk reduction.

The Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NHMSs), CROP organisations, development partners, collaborating organisations and institutions take enormous pride in their contributions to the sustainable development of the PICTs they have made to date. PMC-5 will assist with the coordination efforts of the NMHSs and partners to ensure that gaps in delivering appropriate and timely information to save lives are discussed and addressed.

“Without the private sector we couldn’t run our business and many countries, especially developing countries, they have fairly sparse networks of observations and they have difficulties in maintaining various instruments. We have to find a way to enhance the amount of stations first and the second stage is to how to keep the instruments up and running, how to calibrate them and how to maintain them."

Petteri Taalas - WMO Secretary-General



Samoa Conference Centre

Beach Road

TATTE Building



Modern conference/meeting venue in the heart of Apia, the capital of Samoa.

Ideally located within walking distance of restaurants and banks and is also close to the beautiful Apia harbour.

Conveniently located next door to Tanoa Tusitala hotel so that participants can stay at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel and just walk next door to the conference venue.

The TATTE building complex houses most of the Government of Samoa's ministries.

Apia town is approximately 30km from the Faleolo International Airport, a 40 minute to 1-hour drive.


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