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Varysian: Hydromet Network – Introduction, guided tour and launch.

May 2021 will see the launch of Varysian: Hydromet Network, a new platform for education, events and networking for key decision-makers in the hydromet space.


What is it?
The Hydromet Network represents the ‘formalising’ of Varysian’s contacts within NMHS, national government departments, large NGOs, key funders, academia and private sector suppliers operating in the hydromet space.

This experience will crystallise in May, with the launch of a unique digital membership platform that will stream real and virtual events (all accessible afterward, ‘on-demand'); host weekly webinars and allow hydromet professionals to discuss areas of shared concern.

Varysian will also build a rolling dataset of user habits and concerns, that can be freely distributed to NMHS and associated bodies for the purpose of benchmarking and for better understanding the sector’s key trends.

The Network would also like to partner with relevant and essential public and private sector bodies - for example, the WMO, World Bank and HMEI - to educate the audience on relevant areas and bring NMHS together around new policy, funding and technology ideas
and initiatives.

What will it provide?
At a minimum and at launch, the platform will host a number of monthly specialist event days and weekly webinars. Physical events - generally three-day regional gatherings - will be streamed on the platform. Additionally, an annual virtual ‘solutions show’ will be held, based around technical presentations and PPE case studies. Events will be underpinned by quarterly research and an annual dynamic-digital publication.

How will it reach its goals?
At launch - in May of 2021 - the Network will comprise almost 1000 founding members. These are senior staff from NMHS; relevant staff from large NGOs, development banks, key academics and sustaining members from our friends in the private sector. After the first 12-months of operation, the platform will review its current events portfolio, produce new research and, working with partners, launch a series of online training courses and PPE classes, with accreditation and CPD points.

If you would like to know more about the Network, the guided tour and opportunities for the
private sector, contact Simon Willard.
+44 7905 450596.

With thanks and best wishes

The Varysian Team.

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