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An exclusive Specialist Summit hosted on the Varysian Hydromet Network.



13:00pm - 18:45pm (UTC)

17-18 November 2021

What is a Specialist Summit?

Hydromet Network’s Specialist Summits are designed to drill down into emerging, highly relevant and timely topics. Taking subject areas that are vital to our core audience of NMHS, as well as closely aligned groups - including Government agencies, weather-sensitive private businesses, NGOs, key funders and others.

With delegates carefully screened for relevance each Specialist Summit will take a comprehensive look at an issue’s problems and solutions using a series of product demonstrations; technical lectures; workshops and case studies. Over the two-day gathering, there will also be an opportunity to schedule private virtual meetings.

Why attend?

The Hydromet Network’s new event, Specialist Summit: River and River Basin Monitoring, is a one-day virtual gathering designed to educate participants on the latest thinking, partnerships, technology, policy and infrastructure in the growing space of river basin hydrology.

What will we discuss?

Accurate flood prediction begins with effective hydrometry and this two-day summit will study how effective technologies and methods in hydrometry and telemetry can help river basin authorities, national and regional environmental agencies and NMHS function efficiently and achieve excellence.

Who will attend?

The audience for this Specialist Summit will be a globally-located cross-section of the following:


  • National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHS)

  • Water and River Basin Authorities

  • Hydrology Authorities

  • Disaster Management Bodies

  • Regional and National Environment Agencies

  • Transportation, Traffic and Highway Authorities

  • Local and Regional Government departments

  • Weather-sensitive private businesses

  • Key funders like the World Bank and Green Climate Fund

  • NGOs and IGOs

  • Research bodies, academics, universities

“My first virtual conference... The world has just become smaller and more accessible.”

James Logan, OneRain (AEM group)

"Thanks again for a revolutionary and dynamic symposium with riveting themes, presentations and atmosphere."

John Smith, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority, Turks & Caicos

"The system worked smoothly: video and audio quality were excellent.

Groundbreaking – well done!"


Andrew White, Comptus


Coming soon.

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