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VARYSIAN Hydromet Network
What is it?

Varysian’s digital campus - the Varysian Hydromet Network - and its events, annual journal and insight products make it the sector’s leading information and networking resource, as well as a powerful advocate for public-private engagement (PPE). The Hydromet Network functions as a ‘rolling event’ that engages its membership with over 60 virtual events and in-person regional conferences every year.

Our Members

The Hydromet Network’s membership is composed of directors and technical directors of NMHS; senior personnel at state meteorology, water and environment departments; decision-makers from weather-critical private businesses; funders like the World Bank, and leaders across the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and other key NGOs and IGOs. 


All our members look to the Network for its ability to inform, educate and bring the hydromet world together.

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Quality curated events and meaningful interaction sit at the heart of the Hydromet Network. From our flagship regional Symposiums - HydrometPAC, HydrometLATAM; HydrometCARIBBEAN; HydrometAFRICA - held in-person and live-streamed on the Hydromet Network, to hybrid-events, weekly webinars, technology demonstrations, one-to-ones, training modules and specialist conferences, the Hydromet Network regularly convenes this sector’s key decision-makers from the public and private sectors.

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