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Building Resilience in Ilaje: Addressing Coastal Risks, Strategies for Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
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Meet the speaker
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Olujumoke Ogunrayi, Doctoral Researcher, Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR), University of Cape Coast, and Former Deputy Director, Climate Change and Environmental Conservation, Ondo State Ministry of Environment, Akure, Nigeria.

Olujumoke Ogunrayi is a seasoned meteorologist and climate change expert with 18 years of distinguished service in the public sector, notably with the Ondo State Ministry of Environment, Nigeria. Serving as the Deputy Director of Climate Change, she spearheaded cross departmental efforts, playing a pivotal role in formulating and implementing regional and national climate policies, action plans, and informational resources. Additionally, she held a key position as one of the State's Desk Officers on Climate Change in Nigeria. With a profoundfocus on assessing climate change vulnerability, impact, and adaptation strategies, Olujumoke's expertise extends to understanding the unique challenges faced by coastal communities. Her work encompasses comprehensive disaster risk reduction measures and investigates the far reaching effects of climate change on critical sectors such as agriculture, public health, and the national economy.
As a distinguished fellow of the British Council Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Program and an accomplished alumnus of DAAD, Olujumoke has made significant contributions to the global discourse on climate change. She co-authored the UN Ocean Decade Booklet for the African Continent, titled "THE SCIENCE WE NEED FOR THE OCEAN WE WANT IN
AFRICA" In 2022, she represented Africa on a high-level panel and delivered two impactful public lectures at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Furthermore, she contributed valuable insights as a stakeholder from Africa to the report on "Operationalizing the Loss and Damage
Fund: Learning from the Intended Beneficiaries"
Olujumoke holds a Master's Degree in Meteorology from theFederal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Integrated Coastal Zone Management under the auspices of a World Bank-sponsored program at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

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