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Varysian has been at the forefront of the weather and climate industry since 2017, establishing a vast network across various sectors, including public, private, NGO/IGO, international organizations, donors, and consultants.


In 2022, we embarked on a new venture, introducing Varysian Consultancy.


Due to our unique position, we have the capacity to rely on selected experts across the globe. They were selected based on their extensive experiences in the field of weather and climate-related disciplines. Combined with our already formidable in-house expertise capacity and project management skills, Varysian can now offer a comprehensive and all-encompassing consultancy service. We are well-equipped to address a wide range of requirements with a holistic approach, providing a large range of expertise for a single common goal: propose innovative solutions and highly sought-out solutions to address climate change issues.

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Consultancy Services

Through internal and external expertise, we can offer consultancy in the following areas. However, we are not limited to this and have access to a broad range of experts in many other areas. Please get in touch should you require services outside of this list. 

  • Strategic plans

  • Technical design & implementation

  • Project design &  implementation

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Community outreach

  • Legal and normative 

  • Training and peer-to-peer consolidation

  • Data recovery

  • Cost-recovery & revenue models


  • Gender inclusion 

  • Urban resilience

  • Concept design readiness

  • Conservation

  • Renewable energy

  • Ocean & marine

  • Carbon economy

  • Water & sanitation

Mathilde Nguyen headshot
Varysian Head Consultant 


Our consultancy service is headed by Mathilde Nguyen, an experienced well-traveled international expert herself, ​​she has proven very good analytical abilities within report writing and data analysis for the most demanding donors and international organisations. She has recently co-authored  a World Bank report on the African Weather Enterprise (October 2023).


She regularly conducts private sector competition worldwide market studies on climate mitigation, relying on the global reach of Varysian’s network in the climate industry. For the last 15 years, including serving as a diplomat for the French Government in Azerbaijan she undertook numerous missions around the world. Mathilde consulted on several occasions as an international expert for large projects for International Organizations (European Commission, UNDP, GEF). She is subject matter expert in the presentation of financing plans, field-evaluation, and network assessments (interviews, surveys) and monitoring indicators definition.


Her predilection fields are economics and climate change mitigation. Mathilde works with the methodology, tools, procedures of international standards.

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