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We offer a free service for National Hydrological and Meteorological Services, to assist staff in finding the best and most relevant products and services from the industry’s leading suppliers.

We do all the research, data analysis, production and deliver you a bespoke online catalogue of suppliers, tailored to your project needs.

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We save you time and resources when finding suppliers


We keep you up-to-date with the latest technologies


We arrange contact with suppliers when it suits you

To date, we are partnered with over 70 National Hydrological and Meteorological Departments.

So tell us about your project, and we'll source your suppliers, present them to you in an online catalogue and introduce you when the time is right.

And remember, our service is 100% FREE for government officials, with no hidden charges or fees.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

"As a small met service, Varysian helps us a lot. We don't have enough personnel or time to keep an eye on all the companies offering new products and services that could help us fulfill our mission"

- Meteorological Director, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“My experience with Varysian, even though in its infancy, offers incredible business opportunities via the exposure to new markets previously not accessible...Utilizing the resources at Varysian, the possibilities of exposure to new products and suppliers, not common to this region, is realized. Varysian can streamline the marketing and advertising of manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment we're interested in, directly to us, whether that be for climate awareness, disaster mitigation and general Met & Hydro data capture. I would strongly suggest to anyone seeking new avenues into their business to explore what Varysian has to offer.”

- Chief Technical Officer, CIMH, Barbados

“Varysian assists us greatly in our search for manufacturers to fulfil our project needs. It is this that has been missing but now Varysian is here.”

- President of WMO-RA-III (South America)