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The Varysian Team
Picture of Tom Copping
Tom Copping 

With 12 years of experience in the hydrometeorological industry, his career is marked by a profound commitment to the sector, where he has been instrumental in shaping strategy and product development. Tom's expertise extends to international platforms, as he served as a World Bank author, contributing significantly to the report on Public Private Engagement in Africa. At Varysian drives innovation and transformation within the hydrometeorological landscape, reflecting his passion for advancing the field and pioneering strategic solutions that address the world's pressing weather and climate challenges.

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Picture of Luke Pierce
Luke Pierce 
Managing Director
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Luke spearheads impactful initiatives in the Hydromet and climate industry for Varysian. His role delves into the core, balancing strategy, operations, finance, and consultancy and ensuring high quality delivery of company services. Luke's hands-on approach extends beyond boardrooms, collaborating closely with government officials on multiple initiatives and conferences. Experience in navigating the intricacies of the environmental sector with a blend of strategy and operations, and, in the dynamic intersection of industry and government, Luke's expertise ensures Varysian's influence is both substantial and sustainable.

Picture of Liam Smith
Liam Smith 
Account Manager

Liam's lifelong passion for meteorology began in his youth, using charts to forecast ideal wave and wind conditions as a surfer in the pre-internet era. Today, he leverages his expertise in the industry, serving as a crucial link between Varysian and the private sector, ensuring optimal collaboration and results for all parties involved.

Picture of Katie Barkans
Katie Barkans
Operations Manager

Multifaceted expertise in the climate, weather, and development fields related to Varysian's work,  globally and regionally. Lead in the development,  management and expansion of a year-round network, comprising over 2500 members. Experience in hosting both online and in-person regional events, orchestrating webinars, roundtables, and discussions around technical topics.   Involved with handling logistics, and project planning as well as  data collection, analysis, and presentation.

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Picture of Kari Allan
Keri Allan
Head of Content
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With over two decades of editorial experience, Keri delivers well-crafted content for diverse specialist audiences. Involved heavily in Varysian's event organisation, seamlessly orchestrating in-person and virtual events for the climate industry, from agenda development to speaker management.


For the last few years she has been architect of the Varysian Guide, a publication catering to the needs of hydromet services in emerging nations and developing economies, reaching over 2,500 professionals across climate, weather, and development sectors.

Picture of Mathilde Nguyen
Mathilde Nguyen
Head Consultant
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Mathilde Nguyen, our experienced international expert, leads our consultancy service.


She recently co-authored a World Bank report on the African Weather Enterprise (October 2023). Mathilde conducts global market studies on climate mitigation for the private sector, leveraging Varysian's expansive climate industry network. With 15 years of experience, including diplomatic service for the French Government in Azerbaijan, she's been a consultant for major international projects with organizations like the European Commission, UNDP, and GEF. Mathilde excels in financing plans, field evaluations, network assessments, and monitoring indicators, particularly in economics and climate change mitigation, following international standards.

Advisory Board
Picture of David Grimes
Ronald David Grimes
President (2011-2019)
World Meteorological Organisation 

David Grimes, formerly President of the World Meteorological Organization (2011-2019) and Assistant Deputy Minister for Environment and Climate Change Canada (since 2006), played a pivotal role in advancing climate services, polar initiatives, and hydrological services during his WMO presidency. He also oversaw WMO's 2030 vision and structural transformations.


As the Executive Head of Canada's Meteorological and Hydrological Services, he modernized weather, climate, water, and environmental services. Grimes possesses a diverse educational background, including an Honours Bachelors of Science in physics, mathematics, and meteorology, an MBA, and recognition from institutions like the American Meteorological Society. He is on the path to becoming an Adjunct Professor at his alma mater, Brock University.

Picture of Brian Day
Brian Day
Chair Emeritus
Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI)

Brian Day, with Campbell Scientific (Canadian operations) since 1981, became President and CEO in 2010. In 2018, he transitioned to Vice President focusing on international matters. He's the Chair Emeritus (2019) of the Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI), where he served as Chair from 2011 to 2019, advocating for collaboration between the Private Sector, World Meteorological Organization, World Bank, Academia, and Public Sector agencies to address global climatic challenges.


Brian was Co-chair of the Private Sector Committee for the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society from 2003 to 2015. He's represented Canada at international meteorological congresses and has served on various boards, including the Foundation for St. Joseph Seminary and Newman Theological College.

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